Time to build a career you’re passionate about and do what you truly love!

As a Career Coach and Job Consultant, my mission is to show you how to choose a career you love, achieve your professional goals and discover fulfilment in both your personal and professional life.

Together with a 32-year professional experience, I bring you a proven strategy, and a blend of systemic and transformational coaching that will help you to (re)design your career, achieve your goals and live a life that makes you happy and proud.

Below an overview of how I can support you on your journey:


  • Davide C.
    Antonio is an exceptional career coach. He has a perfect combination of techniques with a sincere empathy that successfully guided me towards the next chapter of my career. Thanks to his detailed attention and precise preparation I have found a job in the role that I have always dreamed of. I learned from him very practical tools on how to plan a successful strategy in the job search, and on how to direct my career in the short and long term. His great insight of the job Swiss market was essential in finding the right professional position and in improving my CV and interview preparation. He is a central point of reference when I need advice and guidance in my professional path. I am so grateful of the amazing work we have done. Thanks a lot!
    Davide C.
  • Carmela Tafaro
    I initially reached out to Antonio because I wanted to change industry. Therefore I needed some guidance on how to sell my existing relevant skills for the new challenge, how to negotiate the entry level in the new job as well as the salary for a different sector. Throughout the sessions, Antonio challenged me and my vision. He aptly managed to highlight certain skills that I had but never really valued or regarded as strengths. It was a journey of professional discovery that enabled me to develop the confidence I needed for the interview, as well as communicating my expectation to the potential new employer in a clear and concise way. What I liked the most is that the skills and tricks I developed during our coaching sessions are transferable, and I could use them also after this specific challenge. Antonio also offered a series of academic tools and relevant literature that allowed me to delve into the topics also at my own time and pace. I would definitely recommend him to both green and seasoned professionals who are looking for a boost of confidence and to fine-tune their interview skills at all levels.
    Carmela Tafaro
  • Liza Lotto
    Finding Antonio at a coaching workshop was just what I needed at that time in my job search. He knows the techniques necessary to succeed in today’s job market and gave me useful tools that were instrumental in creating my battle plan. Furthermore, Antonio’s exercises helped me reflect on my life’s journey and to keep positive during my job search. Antonio had empathy and understanding for my situation and, with his guidance helped me focus on what I really wanted from my next job. In five sessions with Antonio I had set my sights, got hired and began a fulfilling new career. I cannot thank him enough.
    Liza Lotto
  • Irina Serova
    I have not regretted for a moment that I trusted Antonio as my career coach and started my re-entry into professional life with his program. Before the training, I had many doubts and difficulties: how can I orient myself in an unknown job market, in a new country? Can I find a job in the real estate sector or do I have to change my career direction? Do I need additional training and what exactly? Is my foreign language level sufficient? Antonio's training helped me find the answers to these questions. Step by step, solutions have emerged, and difficulties have been eliminated. A plan has been created. Re-entry and job search are broken down into simple steps. A very positive atmosphere during the lessons and Antonio's feedback on completed tasks helped me a lot. His support when something didn't work out, motivated me to continue. The practical exercises such as role plays, which are relevant for the job search, are in my opinion one of the most valuable moments in the training. For me it was a very enriching experience!
    Irina Serova

Here’s a sneak peek of my methodology:


We start by assessing your current situation and analysing career opportunities and risks. This allows us to understand what’s needed and how to proceed.


Strategy is key when shifting careers or looking for a new job, so we create a clear plan that will help you be effective and achieve what you want.


In order to be more fulfilled, you need to deepen your self-awareness and grow your resilience and self-leadership skills.


Once you have a plan and you’ve done the inner work, we move on to your approach, unlock your full potential and give you all the tools to succeed in your new journey.

At the end of our journey together, you will have clarity, confidence, a stronger personal brand, and a map that will guide you in your next professional steps. Of course, I will tailor my approach to you and your situation to ensure you get the best results.

Success Stories

I really believe in supporting others through their professional challenges. For me, it’s my inner purpose and what makes me feel alive – that’s why I always feel extremely proud to see the incredible success stories my clients and I can create together. Here some of the results we achieved together:

Rosie, a Bank Compliance Manager was in the midst of personal and professional transitions. She felt burned out, overworked and underpaid. She was eager to get promoted within her industry, but didn’t know how to “break through”. Our coaching focused on empowering her as she explored new possibilities. We holistically designed a fulfilling vision of her future. She quickly realised she had worked in the wrong industry and we set up an exit plan to allow her to shift towards a different one, which supported her overall satisfaction and motivation.

Mike, a Marketing Executive, had a stressful relationship with his CEO, which was taking a heavy toll on his mental wellbeing and performance. Coaching showed him how someone at the top of his field should look, sound, and relate to others, while remaining true to his personality and beliefs. Over the course of a few months, he learned how to communicate clearly with superiors and his team, thus materially improving his style and performance as a leader. Coaching also enabled him to improve all other aspects of his life.

Following a burnout and unemployment, my client Jenny, a Sales Manager, felt extremely hopeless, with no clarity around his next step. We worked on energies and re-centering, so he could continue to be ambitious without feeling stressed or anxious. Our job search methodology focused on translating new goals and differentiators into effective strategies; at the end of the process, we had a clear step-by-step roadmap, which allowed Jenny to learn how to confidently sell himself like a pro.

Your dream career is just a step away.

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