Hi, I’m Antonio and I’m a Career Coach.

I work with professionals who want to make a career switch, find their true vocation and discover fulfilment in what they do.
My mission is to show you how to choose a career you love, achieve your professional goals and discover fulfilment in both your personal and professional life.

My story

I know how it feels to be stuck in a career that doesn’t fulfil you and leaves you depleted and lost, because, well – I’ve been there myself.

I first started my career at 18 by joining the Italian Air Force; an experience that left me wondering what I really wanted in life and what my purpose was. I felt I didn’t choose this job, but that I was thrown into it because of those around me.

As soon as I left the military, I started a career in the corporate world. After several years of experience, going from job to job, taking any opportunity that presented itself, I realised I wasn’t happy; my career path wasn’t clear and I felt lost and frustrated. As a consequence, I soon faced a crisis, which led to a long-term period of unemployment. I didn’t know what I wanted, I was unsure of my vocation and I had no real strategy when it came to searching for jobs I found interesting.


Little by little though, after I overcame a burnout and started working with a coach, I became clearer about my calling. Things suddenly changed and I built a thriving career that was aligned with my values and focused on the things that truly mattered to me.

Thanks to my own experience and knowing how important it is to do something you love, I eventually decided to become a Certified Career Coach and Job Consultant. I now work with people like you to support them in their own journey to discover their vocation and design a career that makes them satisfied and fulfilled.

With multiple career shifts under my belt and a proven coaching approach, I know how to help you find your inner power and get the job of your dreams!

Get in touch to discover how we can work together.

Here’s a Few Facts About Me:

  • I’m a World Traveller and I’ve lived and worked in 7 different countries across Europe
  • I love knowledge and human-centred design
  • My coaching philosophy is to wildly reach for the stars, while keeping both feet firmly on the ground as that’s how we can truly achieve incredible results
  • Joy, enthusiasm and a zest for life are a key part of my personality and I bring them to my clients everytime we work together
  • Years ago I learned that my true calling was to serve others and support them in their professional challenges
  • I love nature and I believe in the positive impact it can have on all of us – that’s why I also apply Career Coaching in the work with my clients

I fully believe everyone should do what they love, find their true calling and live life to the fullest every day. If you feel the same and you’re ready to leave behind a career that leaves you drained and carve a path that gives you joy, I’m here for you.