About Antonio

Born in Zürich, raised in Italy, lived in Europe.

Dipl. Coach



Sales Manager

Project manager

Team leader

Mentor for RAV (unemployment program)

Intelligence officer

What is coaching?

“Helping somebody to move from where they are to where they want to be"

My mission is to support people in achieving their goals, specifically career related ones. Our sessions aim for your professional success by supporting you on the path to find and do a job that suits you and gives you satisfaction.

Coaching will support you
to achieve these and many others goals:

Clarity and awareness

  • Of your goals
  • Your skills
  • Your internal resources
  • The right job for you
  • The working environment you prefer
  • Your comfort zone


  • To find new solutions
  • To face a presentation or interview
  • To change career
  • To identify and deal with blocking thoughts
  • Improve relationships in the workplace
  • To develop your skills



  • To face challenges
  • To restore the balance between work, personal and family life
  • To pursue a goal and maintain focus
  • Believe and dream again